Our Machines

At Morgado Plant Hire we offer a wide range of equipment available for hire or contract work.
Our available plant ranges from 2 ton Bobcats to 50 ton Jaw Crushers and everything in-between.


Small and versatile for moving material tight spaces and construction sites. We offer Case and CAT Bobcats.


Extremely versatile machine that performs functions of both excavators and payloader. We specialise in JCB and CAT TLB’s.


Suited for bulk material and stockpile handling, including loading. Our payloaders range from 13 to 30 tons.


Used for deep and bulk excavations and loading. Our excavator fleet ranges from 3.5 tons to 35 tons.


Used for pushing “dozing” and spreading of material. We offer dozers in D41 and D65 variants.


Used for compaction of material. Our rollers range from 7 tons to 19 tons and are available in smooth or padfoot variations.


Used for precise layerworks including cutting, levelling and stabilising. Our graders are all operated by final-level operators for the highest precision.


Woodpeckers are excavators adapted with hydraulic hammers for the breaking of hard rock. Our woodpecker fleet consists of 20 ton and 30 ton machines.


Articulated Dump Trucks are used for hauling material on off-road conditions. Our ADT fleet ranges from 20 to 30 tonners.

Water tankers

Used in dust suppression and layerwork moisture control. We have a range of water carts from 6000 to 12000 litres


Used to haul material on roads and on site. We keep 10m3 tippers.


Crushers and screens break down and separate raw material to finished products. Our crushing teams consist of Jaws, VSIs, Cones and Screens of different sizes.

Fuel Tankers

Mobile Fuel Tankers and trailers allow diesel to be delivered to machines that cannot leave site. We offer 6000 and 9000 litre Tankers